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24th October 2011, 11:08
detin un ssangyong 3.2 automat ..este 4x4 permanent,,as vrea sa stiu cum este distribuita tractiunea,,si de ce atunci cand patineaza spatele se aude un zgomot(ca o vibratie), cupleaza fata si cateodata, daca doresc sa franez dupa ce a cuplat si fata 3,4 secunde nu am frane,,pedala se duce la fund,cum functioneaza acest sistem permanent la musso?
va multumesc

24th October 2011, 14:43
Banuiesc ca ai 4x4 permanent cu TOD. TOD este un sistem complex ce monitorizeaza in permanenta TPS, rotatia cardanelor, ABS, frana si pozitia cutiei automate.

1. TOD System Select Mode (4H and 4L)
4H is the mode when drive normally of which gear ratio is 1 : 1 and 4L mode distributes power to front and rear
wheels 50:50 of which gear ratio is 2.48 : 1.
2. TOD System Function (select 4H mode)
TOD system controls clutch mechanism to comply with rotation in front and rear propeller shaft and if its difference
exceeds the permissible range, corresponding power is distributed into front wheel through EMC (Electro-Magnetic
Hall effect sensor signals speed on front and rear propeller shafts going through with TOD control unit.
Transfercase clutch coil is activated by variable current on exceeding difference of speed in front and rear propeller
3. Function of 4L Mode
When select 4L mode, EMC is locked to apply maximum torque into front and rear propeller shafts. Shift motor
rotates also 4L position by rotation of cam thus propeller shaft torque changes from 1 : 1 to 2.48 : 1 by planetary
gear set.
4. Shift Motor
It locates backside transfer case, which drives rotary helical cam.
When mode select switch changes to 4L, shift fork is on position for 2.48 : 1 by rotation of helical cam.
5. Transfer Case
TOD transfer case distributes power into front and rear axle by operation of 4H/4L switch and shift motor.
Shifting 4H to 4L, is performed towards reducing HI-LO collar by means for connection HI-LO shift fork with
output shaft in order to join with planetary gear. Torque transmits input shaft then sun gear rotating front planetary
gear. Front planetary gear join with output shaft and drives LO position.

In privinta franei, cotrolerul TOD are o intrare pe pinul 26 de la intrerupatorul pedalei de frana iar pe pinul 25 de la ABS.

Banuiesc ca acest controler are o eroare.

Eu nu am Musso dar Andi te poate ajuta.

24th October 2011, 15:01
iti atasez documentatia pentru cutia de transfer TOD, in format PDF, te va ajuta.