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    Implicit probleme la sistemele de franare cu ABS

    Am gasit pe un forum din UK un thread dedicat acestui aspect, aspect care de altfel m-a terorizat si pe mine (si nu numai) in ultima vreme.

    Asadar, problema se leaga de modul incorect prin care se face service`ul la roti/frane, lucru care poate sa duca la distrugerea unei componente (Brake Master Cylinder) care este fenomenal de scumpa - la reprezentanta Mitsubishi e aprox 3160 LIRE !!!

    O sa pun aici cu copy/paste textul asa cum e dat pe forumul respectiv; tipul care a postat e destul de priceput in materie de Shogun , sfaturile sale de pana acum fiind cat se poate de obiective.

    So, here it is :)

    "A warning for Mitsubishi owners who have vehicles equipped with ABS braking systems.

    When you change the brake pads, DO NOT PUSH THE PISTONS BACK UNLESS THE FLEXIBLE BRAKE PIPE IS CLAMPED AND THE BLEED NIPPLE IS OPENED as any fluid returning up the system will damage several components which are very expensive.

    Only on Friday did i talk to a friend who had this problem, he had taken his Shogun to a local independent garage for servicing, they do a good job at a reasonable price, and have a very good customer base of very regular customers. They changed his rear brake pads and the system lit up like a christmas tree, they spoke to me and agreed what they had done was incorrect and immediately agreed to pay said friend for any damage, which they did. Costs were for a new ABS modulator and a hydraulic brake booster unit, cost trade, 3500 + fitting for the two.

    The prodedure for retracting the brake calipers is as follows:

    Clamp the flexible brake hose to the caliper being worked on.
    Undo the disc pad carrier and gently slide off the main frame.
    Remove the pads from the frame/carrier, depending on type.

    Set up a "G" clamp to retract the piston, but DO NOT APPLY PRESSURE.
    Fit a bleed hose to the bleed nipple, and insert the other end into a jar with brake fluid.
    Undo the bleed nipple slightly and apply a little pressure to the "G" clamp, undo the nipple a little more if necessary to allow fluid to escape.
    Once fluid escapes than apply pressure to retract the piston using the "G" clamp until the piston is fully retracted.

    Close the bleed nipple and remove the bleed hose.

    Fit the new pads and replace the carrier to the main frame.

    Start the engine and push the brake pedal down only halfway several times to close the new pads to the discs.

    Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 DI-D SWB AT 2002

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    Implicit Re: probleme la sistemele de franare cu ABS

    Eu am un Mitsubishi Outlander I din 2003. Am schimbat placutele de frana de 2 ori pana acum si am observat ca-mi trage dreapta cand franez. Am fost de i-am facut testul de franare si am fata care franeaza cu forte diferite, spatele nu franeaza mai deloc. Am aerisit instalatia de franare si tot la fel se comporta. Ma gandesc ca mie mi s-a intamplat acelasi lucru.

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    Implicit Re: probleme la sistemele de franare cu ABS

    Chestia e veche si valabila pentru toate masinile (sistemele de franare) ... Unii producatori de placute specificau acest lucru in prospectul din cutii, dar cine sa le citeasca . Decat sa completeze cu lichid de frana de 2 lei, prefera sa impinga pistoanele cu aerisitoarele inchise ...
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