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GSM/internet in Romania


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I am willing to travel to Romania in August, mainly light offroad through your beautiful mountains.

Could you advice me which GSM provider (voice & internet) is the cheapest in ROmania?

Of course I am only interested in prepaid ones. Could you help?



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Re: GSM/internet in Romania


Cosmote is cheapest provider and good in all major towns...in area country isn't so good as signal and coverage ....I recommend you ORANGE or VODAFONE ... or if you have Roaming you may use their networks.... also for Internet, I recommend you ORANGE or Vodafone, too.


We use all providers in our company, but in last year we canceled few contracts with COSMOTE ( for our truck drivers ) because the both ( internet and GSM ) working bad in area country.


You may find the ORANGE and VODAFONE prepaid cards in a lot of shops in Romania, also near borders.

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Re: GSM/internet in Romania


Hi Lipa,


You can try vodafone, for offroading is acceptable. In some cases you will get better coverage than Cosmote.


Regarding rates, you can access/translate the link below, it's in Romanian.




For 1GB of internet traffic, you will have to pay 8eur. + VAT and you will be charged with an additional 0.2 eur/mb for exceeding the 1GB.


Keep in mind that internet is an extra-option when you will buy the prepaid card, so you will have to register for it yourself over the phone.


You will have the opportunity to meet people from Poland offroading on the trails in Romania, so always keep your radio station on, maybe you will come across some of them.


Good luck and have fun!

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Re: GSM/internet in Romania


When we come to Romania our first stop is usually at Auchan (formerly Real) shopping center in Oradea. Near the entrance there is a Vodafone shop where we buy SIM cards which we use to have an access to Internet during our trip in Romania.

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