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Transalpina close?????


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Re: Transalpina close?????


There're a lot of contradictions in the press right now, that's the only thing media is good at after all. The road authority prefers to keep it closed since they did not manage to finish the safety features, the local authorities on the other hand decided that the local economy needs it opened. I still don't know what the official version is, but until you arrive it will probably be opened in a blurry way: "we won't stop you, but you can pass it on your own responsibility :)".


My guess is that you'll have no problems passing the Transalpina. Just in case, I can always direct you on alternative routes, beautiful ones, once you are here.



later edit: The Transalpina is just as good or as bad as it was in the previous couple of years, only the fear of responsibility of the road authority increased suddenly.

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