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Vand masina 4x4 ptr competitii Jeep Wrangler YJ


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Vand masina 4x4 ptr competitii.


- JEEP Wangler YJ

- motor 4.0 benzina , ciptuning +20% , cca. 190-200 cp.

- cutie manuala

- suspensie Fox off road- kit original de conversie , arcuri elicoidale , combinat cu perne de aer + compresor

- troliu fata 6T,spate 5T - electrice

- racire ventilatoare electrice suplimentare

- roll cage interior si exterior

- frane spate independente

- proiectoare fata spate si faruri LED

- diferential blocant fata spate phneumatic


Inmatriculat in BG pe societate comerciala , acte in regula , ITP si RCA valabil aprilie 2016.Masina este echipata cu accesorii pentru start in competitie off road sau raid.


Pret : 15.700 euro - negociabil


tel 0763638882



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Re: Vand masina 4x4 ptr competitii Jeep Wrangler XJ


da ! corect ! mi-a ramas Jaguarul pe retina , si am confundat initialele !:wink:


Rezolvat! :h5

consiliere - diagnoza - evaluare - recovery

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