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Opel Frontera B Sport 2,2DTI


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De vanzare Opel Frontera B Sport(varianta 2 usi) folosit la vanatoare. Anul fabricatiei 2000, motor 2,2 diesel Dotari: clima, interior piele, troliu electric, carlig remorcare etc. Actele si reviziile la zi, oferim si factura ,Pret 3500 euro-negociabil si fara schimburi. Detalii la telefon 0743757035 16665046_1912185789014867_7321742849530483598_o.thumb.jpg.0aa05392aa93eb8cf34653a6430b33a7.jpgIMG_0777.jpg.ad038fc1e8d1a273adef69b4872a9764.jpgIMG_0781.jpg.6a6baa28f93cc6ce4e6f5788f536ff2a.jpgIMG_0782.jpg.0fb5d72aefbe25b693b5f4db72220575.jpgIMG_0784.jpg.19f2b70bbaa11fe07cb3bbe07550c83b.jpg
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